Center Pivot

Enhanced strength and stability

Better slope capability 

Ball joint between spans to provide stress-free flex for smooth running on rough terrain

Excellent sealing capability with J type conduit 

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product description

Technical parameter



Equipment length (determining irrigation area)

The recommended maximum length is 800 m

Span length(m)

The span length is 38.2, 44.2, 50.1, 56.1
62.0 five options

Passing height(m)

2.9 and 4.6 (increased type) are available

Climbing ability

The climbing capacity of different span lengths are:



sprinkler spacing(m)

2.9 or 1.45 m

Irrigation uniformity


1. The irrigation uniformity is as high as 91%. 

2. Strong adaptability, 25° slope work. 

3. High reliability and good parts quality. 

4. Series products, wide selection.

5. It can be towed to improve work efficiency.

6. It can irrigate crops with height below 4.6m. 

7. Good extendability, with spray gun at the tail and irrigation similar to square plot. 

8. Low maintenance cost, no need to replace spare parts in the first five years. 

9. Good safety. 

10. Long service life, 20-30 years. 

11. Good economy, the price is 10% lower than similar products. 

12. Mobile phone mode remote control.

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